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Frequently asked questions

What is is a modern publishing platform for cooks. We want to make sharing recipes way more straightforward, cutting the unnecessary waffle down to the minimum.

What you want to achieve?

We want people to cook more and to cook better.

Why you want to do that?

Recipe websites are broken. They either try to put together tens of thousands of completely untested recipes or they live long enough to become clickbait factories.

We believe the best way to achieve this is being inspired by people around you. Sharing the recipes you love can make a big difference.

What makes different?

We force an opinionated concise layout we have battle tested for a long time.

No more:

  • Three thousand word life-changing experiences in a street market before giving me the recipe.
  • Imposible to follow steps surronded by ads.
  • Skipping on ten minute long videos to read the recipe.
  • Obnoxious traking and retargeting.

Just one simple, plain and beautiful canvas to publish your recipes next to the most amazing tools you can imagine.

If you don't sell ads, what pays the bills?

For other recipe websites you are the product. You publish your recipes for free, but you allow them to make money with your content using ads.

We want to do things diferently.

For us, if you decide our platform is worth it, you are the customer. A subscription will cover the costs of hosting your content and finance future developments.

We plan to release standalone apps for which we'll offer one-off purchases as well as subscriptions.

Why no images?

A bad recipe with a good image is a trap.

A good recipe with a bad image is a missed opportunity.

What about Units?

Units is a cooking converter tool. It lets you quickly convert between 40+ kitchen units, including volume to weight conversions thanks to a growing catalogue of 400+ ingredients.

It is one of many tiny single-purpose tools we plan releasing to make cooking easier.